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Wreck Search 1.0.11 (data {@app.sites.categories.surveyed})

This page was created with the intention of quickly being able to browse and filter wrecks surveyed by the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) with a simple user interface. After that I decided to also add the option to include other wreck objects from Fornsök.

All textual data about wrecks comes from the Swedish National Heritage Board and may be freely used and distributed under Creative Commons CC0.

The icons used on small screens are copyrighted by the GNOME Project and may be used under the CC-BY-SA license.

geomagJS used to calculate magnetic declination for bearings is copyrighted by Christopher Weiss and may be used under the GNU LGPL v3.0 license.

All map data is copyrighted by Google.

Feel free to send suggestions and bug reports to

My interrest in archaeology is in wrecks, not web browsers. Please upgrade to something modern.

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